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Guest OpEd published by Commercial Finance Association

If we reform investment tax policies and eliminate the subsidies and mis-incentives that currently distort investment decisions, we can normalize tax rates between labor and investments while simultaneously stimulating more productive investment in America.

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A Citizen’s 2% Solution

A Citizen’s 2% Solution: How to Repeal Investment Income Taxes, Avoid a Value-Added Tax, and Still Balance the Budget.

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Renewing the Mortgage Credit Boondoggle

The Administration and Congress tout their first time buyers’ credit as a successful program benefiting homeowners. That claim falls somewhere between nonsense and wishful thinking. The buyers’ credit is directed toward lending institutions, not homeowners.

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Rational Mortgage Restructuring

Originally circulated Feb 17, 2009. The Government should facilitate resolution of underlying mortgage problems by providing a source of cheap mortgage re-financing based on strict underwriting standards.

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