Issues & Commentary

Policy Statement

Over the years we have periodically circulated to our friends and colleagues our personal observations and commentary and/or excerpts of published articles on issues of interest. Typically we have done that privately, via email or snail mail, but in conjunction with our recent re-working of our website, we have incorporated the ability to post such items here on line in the form of an interactive blog.  

We do not expect this will develop into an excessively active blog, but from time to time we do find ourselves stimulated to share our opinions and perspectives on various and sundry issues of interest.

The purpose is of course, to creat a forum for circulation and discussion of various topics when and as the mood may move us.  It should be noted that views expressed under these postings will be attributable to the cited authors – and are not necessarily the opinions of Kestrel as a firm.

Replies and responsive commentary, including dissenting voices with illuminating rationales, are warmly encouraged.