What should you expect?

What Should You Expect
From A Turnaround Advisor or Crisis Manager?

Help Control the Bleeding! (if any)

  • Quickly Evaluate & Understand Near-Term Cash Requirements!
  • Promptly Identify Potential Near-Term Crises

Establish an Objective Fact Base

  • Understand Where You’ve Been And How You Got Where You Are.
  • Accumulate Facts and Opinions and Identify Which Are Which
  • Identify The Key Drivers Of The Business
    • Which ones are external? What are the influencing factors and trends?
    • Which are internal and controllable?

Evaluate the Interests of the Parties

  • Convergent?
  • Divergent?
  • Focus On Making The Pie Bigger Before You Try To Slice It Up.

Make Actionable Recommendations

  • Evaluate Risks And Opportunities
  • Educate All The Constituencies
  • Assist In Seeking A Path To Mutual Benefit.

 A Well-Chosen Turnaround Consultant Will Bring:

  • Increased Breadth of Experience
  • Objectivity and Credibility
  • Rapid Response
  • Cooperative and Inclusive Approach
  • Ability to Facilitate Understanding, Consensus and Cooperation
  • Ability to Challenge People Without Alienating Them

A Well-Chosen Turnaround Consultant Will Not Bring:

  • Narrow Expertise
  • Pre-Formed Conclusions or Recommendations
  • An Antagonistic or Unreasonably Confrontational Attitude