Core Compentency

Problem Diagnosis

Kestrel treats each assignment as the new and unique challenge.  We do not bring cookie-cutter solutions from past successes, but rather combine our extensive experience with a disciplined, dispassionate diagnosis process that solicits and incorporates as much internal cooperation as may be available and applies insights gleaned from both internal and external sources.   

Our goal is to

  1. Identify a full range of available Alternatives
  2. Evaluate them fully in light of the Range of Risks and Opportunities, and
  3. Craft Actionable Recommendations based on that factual evaluation



  • Extensive “Hands-On Operating Management Experience
  • Unique Expertise in Diagnosing Business Problems
  • Focus on Key Changes Required to Effect Solutions
  • Demonstrated Effectiveness in Achieving Operational Restructurings
  • Successful Track Record of Incorporating Operational Improvement Potential in Financial Restructurings
  • Ability to Work Supportively with Existing Management