Why Kestrel?

Why Kestrel?

Fact-based, supportive and inclusive approach. 

  • Extensive line management experience of Kestrel principals and staff typically has proven to be very helpful in establishing credibility with Company management and staff despite the often defensive and suspicious nature of initial relationship.
  • Kestrel provides factual analysis and rational approach – not just advice.  We try to help our clients understand their situation, not just provide opinions.   

Extensive Special Expertise and Operational Experience 

  • Cash-Constrained, Crisis Situations
  • Contentious Multi-Party Negotiations
  • Time-Sensitive Transactions 
  • Financial Restructurings (In- and Out-of-Court)
  • Available for Interim Management, Senior and/or functional, if and as required; subject to limited duration and initiated to address specific, clearly-defined near-term goals and objectives.

Objective Third-Party Credibility

  • Highly respected among Debtor, Creditor and Investor community
  • Recognized as strong advocates for our clients, we are also positioned to serve as “Honest Brokers” between highly contentious parties 
  • Third party credibility is often critical to the high value-added process of obtaining Going Concern value for under-performing assets or operations.

Focus on High Value-Added Services

  • Not an accounting-style firm of “kids with laptops”.
  • Low-overhead structure; not driven to over-staff assignments

Our reputation is our primary asset. 

  • We treat your problems as our own