The Case for ‘Fresh Eyes’

The Case for “Fresh Eyes”

It is Human Nature to both: 

  1. Sort new facts into one’s pre-existing view of the world, and
  2. Apply tools or solutions with which one is most familiar, before seeking new alternatives

Management (per se) is Seldom the Causative Problem of Business Declines

  • Despite the “Common Knowledge” belief that 80% of business problems result from Bad Management, looking back at over 30 years of  our own broad experience with Troubled Company Assignments we can attribute no more than 10-15% of the situations to Management Fraud or Gross Incompetence. 

However, Management Difficulties in Adequately Perceiving and Responding to Underlying Causative Problems has been an element in nearly every assignment. 

  • Even the best management teams can become so focused on implementing “their vision”  that they fail to see or accept the fact that circumstances are changing around them.   

Existing Management Often Needs Assistance in Evaluating Change, Over-Coming Denial, and Addressing Unfamiliar Challenges. 

  • True Operating Turnarounds seldom happen by “staying the course”
  • Nevertheless, fully Two-Thirds of the True Operating Turnarounds with which we have been associated utilized continuity of Existing Management
  • Existing management can often provide the most rapid and cost-effective remedial implementation, when provided with assistance in finding the right course and external support for specific functional requirements.   

Disciplined, dispassionate, third party review, cooperatively performed in conjunction with the existing organization, can rapidly provide the reliable understanding of the breadth of challenges, risks and opportunities which should be a prerequisite to effective response and remediation.