Approach and Process

Kestrel Approach


Kestrel Process

Kestrel approaches each new assignment as a unique problem solving challenge. We commence with a disciplined analytical evaluation, seeking active input and participation from available resources within the Company in order to assemble a comprehensive understanding of key options, risks and opportunities.

Starting with in-depth interviews with Senior Management and Staff, and working closely and cooperatively with Company resources, Kestrel guides and assists the business through a disciplined process of:

Problem Diagnosis

  • Evaluate Cash-flow and Financing Situation
  • Review Pre-Existing Operational Plans, Strategy and Expectations
  • Assemble and Examine Operational History and Trends
  • Identify and Assess Internal and External Drivers of the Business Model
  • Evaluate Strengths and Weaknesses in both the Organization and Competitive Environment
  • Review the Organization and Business Processes
  • Assess Agendas of Key Stakeholders

Strategy Formulation

  • Identify Options and Alternative Scenarios
  • Opportunities to:
    • Fix Internal Problems
    • Refocus on Competitive Strengths
  • Assess Organizational and Financial Resources and Capabilities
  • Weigh Risks and Opportunities of Proposed Changes

Implementation Planning

  • Establish Short-term Tactics and Plans
  • Delegate Organizational Responsibility and Authority
  • Ensure Availability of Adequate Resources and Support
  • Establish Appropriate Goals and Measurements


  • Communicate the Plan
  • Provide Commitment, Guidance, Resources and Support
  • Monitor and Measure Progress Against Established Goals
    • Provide Continuing Responsive Assessment of Progress