Firm Focus

Whether the challenge is  finding the right path, or convincing disparate constituencies that the Company is already on the right path, Kestrel’s disciplined approach, broad-based experience, and independent third party credibility are available to assist and support Management in addressing those challenges.

Turnaround Advisory Services
Crisis Management
Disposition of Under-Performing Assets


Kestrel is dedicated to providing experienced senior management and efficient analysis and operational support staff to assist in evaluating and addressing the unique challenges of financially troubled situations.

We help you to:

  1. Diagnose the Problem(s)
  2. Understand Risks and Opportunities
  3. Find and Align the Common Interests of Disparate Constituents
  4. Make the Right Choices and Set Appropriate Priorities
  5. Plan and Execute Change

We apply a cooperative, inclusive fact-based problem-solving approach to help you improve your prospects for success.

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 Experience, Insight & Assistance for Troubled Situations